[stock analysis] Medtronic: can it keep the historical dividend growth trend?

Contents History of the companyStory of the stockFinancial qualityDividend qualityManagement qualityValuationRisksFinal thoughts History of the company Medtronic ($MDT) has been founded by Earl Bakken in 1949 literally from his garage by fixing up medical equipment. Later in 1957 the company became really established when it was the first company to sell a battery-operated external pacemaker … Continue reading [stock analysis] Medtronic: can it keep the historical dividend growth trend?

5-Bullet Sunday – #12

The new crisis keeps most of our minds busy. It's actually hard to avoid, because almost every conversation mentions the "C"-word and you can't avoid getting exposed to it either when watching the good old telly. Having said that, there was again more than enough going on in my mind and the 5-bullets from this … Continue reading 5-Bullet Sunday – #12

My Crisis Investment Strategy

These are extraordinary times, because it feels like the economy is literally grinding to a hold. People are getting fired by the bushes, due to for instance the impact of social distancing as a solution to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus: No dining in restaurants;No haircut at the hairdresser;No shopping in shopping malls;Work from … Continue reading My Crisis Investment Strategy

Unilever NV & Unilever PLC – Full Dividend History

A truly remarkable history of dividend growthEuropean Dividend Growth Investor I was doing some additional research the other day on Unilever and I ended-up browsing through their dividend history. It caught my eye that their dividend history on the website is only listed dating back to 1999, but at the same time they have all … Continue reading Unilever NV & Unilever PLC – Full Dividend History

5-Bullet Sunday – #11

The stock market is crashing and I probably haven't seen such high volatility yet in my life as an investor. I do remember the Great Recession, but to me this crash feels even more severe from a "speed" point of view. I believe that there is more stock market decline to come in the upcoming … Continue reading 5-Bullet Sunday – #11